IMS IFS take a holistic approach to passive fire protection and are unique as being one of the few companies accredited by the world recognised accreditation body FIRAS in all three-critical passive fire protection elements of fire compartmentation, Fire Stopping, Fire Doors & Fire Dampers. This enables IFS to offer a complete service regarding Passive Fire Protection. IFS always ensure that all works are fully documented and traceable in line with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 for audit purposes. 

IFS have vast experience of working in live Buildings which helps anticipate many of the access issues that can arise and have maintained very high standards of workmanship which has been acknowledges by local authorities and the FIRAS inspectors at previous sites. IFS understand the sensitivity of this work and can assure that site teams are very experienced in maintaining a low profile on site which ensures activities do not disrupt the day to day running of the Building. 

What stands IFS out above all over Passive Fire Companies is its ability to be able to understand all legislation and be able to take a risk based approach to passive fire within a live environment. Recently this has been demonstrated by IFS being awarded a contract to complete maintenance works to 46,000 fire doors where the client was previously informed that over 11,000 fire doors needed to be replaced. However, upon completion of the contract IFS had succeeded in bringing over 10,000 fire doors back to a compliance level complete with certification for the work, leaving only 496 doors still beyond economical repair and in need of replacement.

IFS use a bespoke in-house application for recording and completing all surveys and remedial works. All the information is gathered to ensure compliance to the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

IMS Integrity Fire Solutions will work with you to assist and instruct in meeting duty of care and to fulfil all relevant regulations. IMS guarantee that all Installation and testing are in accordance with BESA (HVCA) DW/145 BS:9999 Guide to good practice for the installation of fire dampers (Building Engineering Services Association Formerly Heating and Ventilating Contractors Association)

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