Case Study

IMS helps client reclaim cost from construction company for defective installation

Executive Summary

The IMS were contacted by our clients who manage a commercial landmark in SE1 London, to conduct a fire door survey. The buildings insurers refused to give cover until any suspected faults with the doors were resolved.

The Client

Our client is a property owners with a portfolio value of over $66Billion

The Problem

Our engineers inspected 340 doors, 93% of which needed urgent repairs works as many faults were detected. Post survey we spoke with the building owner and client together. A refit had occurred in 2015 and we were asked to submit our results as proof the defects were down to the original contractor.

The Solution

This led to many meetings between IMS Technical Director, the original contractors and the heads of the building . Our role turned to an advisory one where we could explain why the doors were defective and how the original contractor could take responsibility and solve the issues.

The Results

Ultimately, 240 doors were down to contractor error and they were made to rectify this, under our direct supervision and with our sign off.

The doors were successfully brought up to code allowing the insurer to cover the building and the owner saved themselves £190,000 in repair costs.

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