Passive Fire Protection

Over 14 years delivering expert advice and bespoke remediation throughout the Public, Private and PFI sectors across the UK

Did you know?

Do you know if, under the fire safety regulations, you are the legally responsible person?

Passive Fire Protection That Gives You Peace of Mind

Understanding your passive fire protection needs enables us to get you where you want to be. Ensuring your building's compliance and safety isn't just necessary; it's a fundamental aspect of a robust fire strategy. Here's why IMS is the right choice for you:

14 Years of Experience: For over 14 years, we’ve delivered expert advice and remediations (as a competent person) to ensure our clients and their buildings are protected.

Specialist, comprehensive, customised services: Including surveys, consultancy, remediation, and more. Our services are are backed and underwritten by professional indemnity insurance.

Fully certified: IMS Group are the market leader in understanding our clients needs and legislation to achieve our clients goals.

Expert personnel: We employ a team of qualified and experienced professionals to ensure you have fulfilled your legal duty.  

Happy and secure customers: Our comprehensive services ensure that our customers can be confident they're safe and compliant. Clients range throughout the public sector, private sector, and PFI sectors. 

Cost effective: Maximising the reach of your budget. We are specialist’s in repairing and certifying previously condemned fire doors. Our unique approach of repairing as opposed to replacing enables our customers  to make more areas/doors safer. 

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