Passive Fire Protection Services

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Fire Door Inspections/Survey, Repairs, Installation and ongoing planned preventive maintenance

Here at IMS Group we offer bespoke packages to ensure our clients' fire door compulsory regulatory requirements are met. Through working in partnership throughout the lifetime of our clients' contract, we ensuring golden thread compliance is achieved. 

We pride ourselves in remediating previously condemned doors, ensuring that costs are not only kept down but reducing the risk by repairing more doors for the same cost of installing a single door pro-rata and significantly reducing the impact on the environment.

IMS Group Fire Door Services

Here at IMS Group, we are specialists in fire doors and offer the following services:

UKAS accredited Surveys/ Inspection

Our fire door inspection process has successfully passed the criteria under the Bluesky third party certification, enabling us to offer one of the only UKAS certified fire door inspections. With numerous members of staff holding FDIS diplomas, FDIS inspection inspectors passed and current.

UKAS accredited Remediations

We hold not one but two UKAS accredited third party certifications under the FIRAS and BM Trada schemes for fire door remediation and maintenance. The same for fire door installations.

UKAS accredited Installation

By holding UKAS accreditations under the BM trada Q-mark scheme and Firas we are able to supply and install your fire door/s to the standard they were tested ensuring that they will perform as designed in a real fire scenario.

Consultancy and expert witness services

We offer bespoke fire door consultancy and expert witness services. The fire industry is not straightforward, so we offer specialist consultancy services such as expert witness and bespoke surveying to fulfil our clients requirements and needs.

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Are we right for you?

We are pleased to work in partnership with several NHS Trusts as a preferred supplier as well as providing support services PFI’s.

IMS’s fire teams started in live hospitals, we know live hospitals are the hardest environments to work in. The understanding of the needs of the hospital and our teams working around the core requirement of the hospital has given us an advantage over our competitors over the years.
IMS was awarded the largest fire door inspection and maintenance contract encompassing over 56,000 fire doors over 4 garrisons.

IMS have a long history of providing services directly to the military of defense or via a FM provider on their behalf. We have been privileged enough to support the Army, RAF and Navy.
We have provided surveys and installation works to numerous educational facilities such as schools, university campus buildings and student accommodation.

Due to the nature and age of the occupants, our skilled workforce are able to provide our services in these live environments working around the students and teachers.
The nature of a hotel means it is a high risk as the occupants sleep there and are normally not familiar with the layout of the hotel. This is why it is critical to ensure the passive fire systems are working as designed to delay the spread of fire.

We have worked with numerous chains and provide our services to live hotels.
Post Grenfell the government introduced the Building Safety Act. This has put specific instructions to the responsible person regarding their legal responsibilities with regard to the passive fire protection within these blocks.

With new Building Safety Regulations stipulating the need for regular inspection of all fire doors - quarterly for communal doors and annually for front doors. We have built specific programmes to enable us to work in partnership with block managers ensuring ease and safety for all.
With numerous agreements in place with some of the largest facilities management companies in the UK. Our nationwide coverage and expert knowledge enable us to provide our clients with the level of services they require.

Why IMS?

Certified Fire Doors

We’re proud to be fully certified through third-party accreditation. Our regularly reviewed certifications are proof of our continued commitment to delivering the highest quality fire safety services to meet all requirements set by accrediting bodies, so you can rest assured in the knowledge that you’re getting the safest and highest quality fire prevention service.

IMS ensure that all works are in accordance with:

  • BS476 Part 20:22
  • BS8214:2016
  • BS EN 1634: 2014
  • Approved Document B
  • BS9999:2017
  • Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005
  • Fire Safety Act 2022

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The crucial role of fire doors

A ‘fire door’ is unique and is physically different in construction to a normal ‘everyday’ door. A fire door must perform as per its designed requirement. Namely, to restrict the spread of fire for a specified time and in so doing so protect lives and offer protection to critical areas of the building.

Regular maintenance of fire doors

It is of the utmost importance that all fire doors are installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations and that they are checked regularly and an effective maintenance regime is invaluable. Maintenance must be carried out by a competent person and must be documented in accordance with regulations, with records of inspections, maintenance and remedial works, accessible with ease.

How often should you check your fire doors?

All fire doors have minimum inspection frequencies. It used to be easier to make a simple statement. Due to the different types of buildings and updates to fire regulations in the recent years there are numerous factors.

The least amount of time you can inspect is once a year, but depending on other factors you are likely required to inspect them more often. Contact us for free advice on what your frequency requirements are

Why do we prioritise repairs over replacements?

We prioritise repairs as opposed to replacements. This means our clients can protect more areas of their building instead of using large sections of their budget on expensive fire door replacements. Extensive replacements may not be required if you engage with a highly skilled fire door expert.

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    Do Fire Doors need to be checked if I have a certification of installation?
    Article 17 of the RRO 2005 states that a suitable maintenance regime is in place. Without the maintenance logs there is no way of proving this is in place. The installation covers just that, installation.
    Can anyone inspect a fire door?
    Absolutely not. RRO 2005 states that a competent person is engaged. The onus is on the responsible person [you] to prove competency- Engaging Third Party Accredited contractors is a way of proving competency.
    Can you just add intumescent strips and smoke seals to a standard door for it to become a fire door?
    No as the fire door is a tested and accredited piece of equipment, made up of numerous fire rated parts. Without testing the door in a fire test we have no way of knowing how it will behave in the event of a fire. An expert inspector may be able to advise you if the door you have could be specified as a nominal fire door and offer suggestions. IMS Group are able to provide this service.