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What are fire stopping services?

As its name suggests, Fire Stopping is a form of fire safety provision that remains dormant, or inert, during normal conditions but becomes active in a fire situation. It is an integral component of structural fire protection in a building, which is designed to contain fires or slow their spread.

Why is fire stopping important?

The purpose of Fire Stopping is to contain the spread of fire for sufficient time to permit i) the safe evacuation of all occupants of the premises and ii) the arrival of the fire brigade. The person responsible for fire safety also has a duty of care towards any members of the emergency services, e.g. fire fighters, who may have to enter the premises during the course of a fire. Fire Stopping also serves to ensure the building remains as safe as possible for entry in this situation.

Fire Stopping provision is required in all buildings, whether domestic or non-domestic, with the purpose of containing / compartmentalising / retarding the spread of fire.

Fire Stopping Services to Protect You

Here at IMS Group, we offer fire stopping surveys and installation of approved fire stopping solutions.

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Are we right for you?

We are pleased to work in partnership with several NHS Trusts as a preferred supplier as well as providing support services PFI’s.

IMS’ fire teams started in live hospitals, we know live hospitals are the hardest environments to work in. The understanding of the needs of the hospital and our teams working around the core requirement of the hospital has given us an advantage over our competitors over the years.
IMS was awarded the largest fire door inspection and maintenance contract encompassing over 56,000 fire doors over 4 garrisons.

IMS have a long history of providing services directly to the military of defense or via a FM provider on their behalf. We have been privileged enough to support the Army, RAF and Navy.
We have provided surveys and installation works to numerous educational facilities such as schools, university campus buildings and student accommodation.

Due to the nature and age of the occupants, our skilled workforce are able to provide our services in these live environments working around the students and teachers.
The nature of a hotel means it is a high risk as the occupants sleep there and are normally not familiar with the layout of the hotel. This is why it is critical to ensure the passive fire systems are working as designed to delay the spread of fire.

We have worked with numerous chains and provide our services to live hotels.
Post Grenfell the government introduced the Building Safety Act. This has put specific instructions to the responsible person regarding their legal responsibilities with regard to the passive fire protection within these blocks.

With new Building Safety Regulations stipulating the need for regular inspection of all fire doors - quarterly for communal doors and annually for front doors. We have built specific programmes to enable us to work in partnership with block managers ensuring ease and safety for all.
With numerous agreements in place with some of the largest facilities management companies in the UK. Our nationwide coverage and expert knowledge enable us to provide our clients with the level of services they require.

Why IMS?

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Safety is our number one priority

We’re proud to be fully certified through third-party accreditation. Our regularly reviewed certifications are proof of our continued commitment to delivering the highest quality fire safety services to meet all requirements set by accrediting bodies, so you can rest assured in the knowledge that you’re getting the safest and highest quality fire prevention service.

IMS ensure that all works are in accordance with:

  • BS476 Part 20:22
  • BS8214:2016
  • BS EN 1634: 2014
  • Approved Document B
  • BS9999:2017
  • Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005
  • Fire Safety Act 2022

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    Do I only have to make repairs to fire compartment issues highlighted in our latest fire risk assessment (FRA)?
    No the RRO (Fire safety) 2005 states that all elements affecting the fire strategy need to be constantly monitored and a FRA will only cover a snap shot of the time of assessment, and of areas seen. It is also very unlikely a fire risk assessor will have the specialist knowledge off fire stopping.
    If there are no holes present, does that mean there are no fire stopping issues?
    No as fire stopping issues are not always visible (above ceiling etc). They also may not be installed correctly, which only an expert would know.
    Can we just fill holes with fire rated expanding foam?
    No, there are numerous expanding foams on the market that claim to be fire rated, after use it is impossible to tell foams apart. The Majority are not tested as part of a fire stopping system. And those that are are very specific in regard to the application. In our experience we have not found a tested product on any site that has been installed as per the test evidence.