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Project Planning & Management

CAD Drawings

CAD drawings are 2D drawing that comes in plan, section and elevation.
The purpose of these scale drawings are to show an accurate representation of a building or space.
This shows us how the building is currently laid out and how it can be changed to suit your needs.
CAD drawings also serve as a diagram for all services inside a building, visible and non-visible e.g. Power, Data, Air Conditioning etc. They are used as instructions during the construction and as a reference after the project has been completed.

3D Visualisation

3D Visualisations are to help you ‘see’ your project. They are great for presentations to clients that may not be sure of what they need and feel that they would like to see the end product before any work has started.
This is a great tool to ensure that the client will receive an accurate visual representation of the environment and working situation they desire.