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CCTV Inspection

IMS Environmental can carry out detailed visual inspections of previously inaccessible or dangerous areas, using the latest high-efficiency Miniprobe and Flexiprobe colour cameras.

Non destructive surveys of drains, ductwork and soil stacks can be managed on site through the use of portable control units with a built-in video monitor.

CCTV surveys not only identify the nature and cause of any problem but also assess the general condition and integrity of your existing piping.

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From straightforward drain unblocking jobs to preventative maintenance we can offer you the most complete drain cleaning services. Our engineers are fully trained and work in compliance with Health and Safety regulations. All workmanship is guaranteed. We also carry out preventative maintenance and CCTV survey.

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Roots and debris can cause major problems when they block drains and soil stacks. IMS Environmental have high speed ‘rooter’ equipment that can eliminate this problem, quickly and with great success.


For those clients that have numerous types of waste IMS Environmental will provide a waste management service that assures the client a substantial cost reduction even after fees are deducted. This is facilitated by taking control of all aspects of waste removal. Included is all the associated administration involved. i.e. Duty of Care Certificates, records of volumes and categorisation of waste.

This enables the client to move towards ISO 14001 compliance. In turn this would enable the company to participate in the Government scheme that sponsors a cash back benefit scheme intended to reward companies that have their waste efficiently and environmentally re-cycled.