The importance of correctly fitted and regularly serviced fire rated doorsets
October 16, 2015
Prime Heritage Building in Westminster, Major Repairs Completed IMS Building and Fabrication Division
December 24, 2015

Supply and Installation of Industrial Air Conditioning Units throughout the lift Motor Room of a Iconic Canary Wharf Building

IMS Group’s Mechanical & Electrical division have recently completed a large project within an iconic Canary Wharf Building. The project consisted of the removal of the redundant Air Conditioning units within each lift motor room, throughout the building.

The complexities of this job were that each lift had to be operational to throughout the 12 week project. Each lift motor room of which there was 7 consisted of a first unit and a secondary acting as a back up.  This meant IMS highly skilled operatives had to remove the first unit. Due to the unit being installed during construction of the building the removal meant that the units had to dismantled on site and certain walls removed and rebuilt after install. The new units were shipped into the UK via Italy and needed to be stored in a docking area with a unit being delivered to site at the time when the new installation was due. This could have been a potential logistical nightmare, due to the professionalism of IMS’s dedicated project managers this however was not the case. Once the first Air conditioning unit was removed and the new unit was installed tested and linked into the BMS, The secondary unit was then completed via the same method.

IMS successfully managed to install all units without any lift outages throughout the period. This project has not only ensured that our client has met their life cycle obligations, but the new units have reduced both the carbon footprint of the building as well as the running cost.

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